You should be on our Bandcamp-Site by now.

But you're still here on this boring nothingness of a white page.


Probably some kind of dontdothatonyourownbecausetheremightbesomecrazyanddangerousshitaround-box in your browser's settings is ticked.

That's generally ok, don't feel frightened, everything's gonna be allright.

Somewhere around here should be a button saying "redirect" or "allow" or something, just klick it. And maybe there's an option allowing you to "generally trust www.thegreatcold.com and let it redirect you to wherever it wants to". Or something of that sort. So you can bookmark just our main url.

Do people still bookmark things? Like webpages?


Anyway, see you guys around, have a nice day, here's where you can find us: